Minimalism in UI Design has its rightful place, and is stronger now than it's ever been, although its over-usage is still frowned upon by a large section of the design community.

The ongoing debate about minimalistic design destroying creativity on the web is, as ever, an ongoing one, and one that shows no sign of letting up anytime soon.

Minimalism is here for the long-term, folks.

In the grand scheme of things designing for the Web is still in its infancy. Styles, Trends, whatever you want to call them, will come and go, come round again, and some will just stick around for the long-term, for the right reasons, and one of those is the Minimalistic look.

Like I mentioned, Minimalism in UI Design still has a section of designers up in arms about how the look of the web is morphing into a canvas devoid of character, and how many designers now lack that creative spark, unable to create a visual feast for the eyeballs.

For a large portion of designers, it is not through their lack of creative skills that they opt for the minimalistic look, it is their understanding of what is expected now for the vast majority of sites and apps.

Times have changed. A minimal look is what the user feels comfortable with. They want X, Y and Z app to do something in the fastest possible time, with the least cognitive effort required to achieve their goals. And if a site or app is doing that whilst still looking damn pretty, but in a minimal aesthetic way, then they’re one happy user, and that’s key right?

Of course there's still room for a more elaborate aesthetic.

This is not to say that a more elaborate aesthetic cannot have a place inside of sites or apps no more, of course it can, and should, but in the right use cases, and context, and not at the detriment of usability, which unfortunately it can be more times than not.

A product can still serve up a minimal aesthetic, look great, and serve its users. It’s about the designer at task being smart, and having a deep understanding of what brings all those essential elements together in the correct way.

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